Nectar Sun - PV water heating system

Technologies we use to make it smart

Powered by smart and innovative technologies

Our engineers put the new generation technologies to work for everyday use so every household can empower renewable energy more efficient.

Full bridge technology

Allows to tune up to almost all electric water heaters and install easily. Just plug & play.

Maximum power point tracking

Helps to extract the maximum power available from the sun.

2.0 kW of usable solar capacity

Suitable to work with heaters up to 300 liters.

OLED and QTOUCH controls

A high-contrast display and touch-sensitive controls for easy and intuitive user interaction.

Ergonomic and compact design

Eco-design to minimize the space, materials, and harm of utilization (controller size 15 x15 cm. By optimizing design we have created a synergy between DC-AC converter and controller (user interface + wifi + power source commutation).