Nectar Sun - PV water heating system

Getting started

How to set up your Nectar Sun

Set up the device

For the Nectar Sun controller to work, first set up the language and the time on the display. Note: after this step, your Nectar Sun is starting to run default (factory) settings. For custom settings, choose the following: • Connect the device to WiFi and control it with the Nectar Sun app. For further instructions please see: User manual: Connecting to WiFi and Controlling via App; • Control the device manually. For further instructions please see User manual: Manual Control.

Default settings (Auto) and recommendations:

The water temperature is maintained according to day/night temperature and time settings (see Manual Settings). If the day/night temperature and time are not set, default settings are used: daytime temperature is +55°C; night temperature is +40°C, a day starts at 6 hrs, night – 23 hrs. The device uses electricity from the grid if the solar energy is not sufficient to increase the temperature.

Set up an application

The app is available to download at one of the links below: For Android: For iPhone: You can also go to the app store (iOS App Store or Android Play Store) on your mobile device and enter ‘Nectar Sun’ in the search field.

By using Nectar Sun app on your smartphone you will be able to see the statictics, count your savings or set up the modes. Every single point of the process can be controled by not even being at home.

How to connect to WiFi?

Note: 30 min. after switching on the device your Nectar Sun is ready to be paired with WiFi. If you want to pair the device with WiFi later, please go to “Manual Control. Settings > Pair > activate > yes”.