Nectar Sun - PV water heating system

The answers to the commont questions

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Can I connect my home appliances to the Nectar Sun?

No, devices that have electronic circuitry can’t be connected, as the Nectar Sun outputs a modified sinewave at 900Hz, rather than a full 50Hz sinewave. So only resistive loads can be connected.

What kind of water heaters are suitable to works with Nectar Sun?

The controller can be connected to most electric or hybrid water heaters available on the market. Suitable heaters do not have an electrically operated control system and have a heating element from 2 to 2.5 kW. The device connects directly to the water heater: you do not have to disassemble anything or change the existing electrical wiring or install additional hardware. Recommendations: an overpressure valve is recommended. If you are unsure whether your water heater is suitable for operation with the Nectar Sun controller, please contact your Nectar Sun supplier.

What is the maximum capacity of the heater that the Nectar sun can work with?

The maximum capacity of the heater is 300 liters/79 US gallons.

Why use The Nectar sun when you can just plug photovoltaic elements directly to the electric water heater?

The Nectar sun uses MPPT (maximum power point tracking) system, that searches for the maximum power point. That is the most efficient way to use the photovoltaic elements. Photovoltaic elements connected to the Nectar sun can heat up 200 liters capacity boiler in 4-5 hours on a sunny day. While using just photovoltaic elements that is connected directly to the heater may (or may not) heat up the water in a day. Also with the NectarSun connected to the Wi-Fi you can control grid/no grid/sun settings, water temperature, see the statistics.

Why photovoltaic system is better than solar thermal?

To be honest, PV is just taking the first steps on the market, on the other hand thermal is almost leaving the market. PV based technologies are innovating fast and the price is decreasing year by year. The main Nectar Sun advantages comparing with solar thermal, as we believe, are efficiency and realiability. Yes, it’s more efficient! Also has some other advantagers such as:

  • Maintenance free;
  • Solar PV panels works at low temperature;
  • No pipes to freeze;
  • No heating element changes needed;
  • No thermostat needed;
  • Uses the existing electric water heater in most cases;
  • Easy to install (very very easy).

Can I connect a room heater to the Nectar Sun?

Yes. If it does not contain any circuitry you can connect a room heater to the Nectar Sun.

Can I charge a battery bank from the Nectar Sun?

No. The Nectar Sun is not suited to charge battery banks or other electronic appliances.

Does it have reverse-polarity protection?

No. Double-check the polarity of the PV cables when connecting to the Nectar Sun, as connecting DC input the wrong way will result in a short circuit and will cause the Nectar Sun to stop functioning.

Can I use the Nectar Sun without the app?

Yes, the Nectar Sun can be fully used without connecting it to the app. However, when the Nectar Sun is paired with the app, you will be able to check the water temperature, and change operating modes remotely, as well as set hourly temperature schedules, and check how much energy was generated during the day.

Warranty policy?

Every new Nectar Sun device is covered by a comprehensive warranty. The standard warranty for the device is 3 years from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not affect or replace the consumer‘s legal rights under applicable laws. Unless contrary to the respective local law, the warranty in respect of a repaired or replaced product/part shall be considered void upon expiry of the warranty period from the date of purchase. The manufacturer may request the consumer to provide the purchase receipt or other documentation or information in respect of the date and place of purchase. If no information is presented or if it is incomplete, Nectar Sun’s representative reserves the right to refuse warranty service.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from:

  • Normal wear and tear of the equipment.
  • Defects due to the equipment not being used for its intended function.
  • Any unauthorized disassembly, repair, alteration, or modification.
  • Defects and damage due to improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, or any alteration or modification.
  • Defects or damage due to spillage of food or liquids, corrosion, rust or the use of wrong voltage.
  • Scratches or damage to the plastic surface and all other externally exposed parts in the process of ordinary use.
This warranty will be void in any of the following events:
  • If the serial number or warranty seal on the equipment has been defaced or removed.
  • If any term or condition contained in a consumer guide has been circumvented without the prior written consent of Nectar Sun.
  • In the absence of proof of purchase.

What is the energy consumption when the Nectar Sun is connected to the grid?

The energy consumption is less than 5W.

What is the degree of protection of NectarSun?

International protection marking is IP20.